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(v.) - to shred gnar, to bash the white-wave, to thrash the snow, to rock out wicked hard, to ride copious amounts of white pow so hard others are in awe of your steez.

Can be used to describe any action in which you do something awesome to the extreme, however should not be used lightly.
-"Bro did you see Kass over there?"
-"Yeah bro he's been shredding gnar all day in the pipe."

-"Bro I met this girl last night at K-train's place, took her back to my place and we shredded gnar all night."

How not to use:
"Bro I've been just hanging out all day, shredding gnar."
-"What? Bro you can't use it that way."

"Bro did you see me shred gnar on that blue groomer?"
-"Dude check yourself, you can't just throw verbiage around like that."
by Jackson Hall December 30, 2008
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