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Sooo pretty she will have a glow up someone who is really exciting and amazing to be with she’s a keeper. The guy she likes, he is a lucky one,you won’t reslize it at first but when she’s gon you will see how much u missed her. She is a babe magnet. Sexy aff and the cutest personality.
Dude my life is so boring how is urs so fun?

Find someone named Shraavani
by gralalalalal March 05, 2018
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Damn breh, she’s definetly one of the prettiest Indians out there. Her personality ain’t even indian, it’s sum else. She’s a catch. Hottest. And ikk one day some dudes gonna think she’s a big ass bitch and they just don’t vibe w her no more, but damn Man U just made mistake. Her personality is the cutest shit ever no lie. Her body is hot, and she knows how to have fun in bed. Amazing kisser trust me on this. This definition is especially true for someone born during July 6- August 9 w the name Shraavani. She’s incredibly funny, smart, amazing, and just so loyal. HOT BITCH!
Have u met Shraavani?

No man.

by Marcuss😬 May 31, 2018
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Beautiful human being. She has very good intuition and an amazing voice. Can sometimes be perceived as shy but is actually very confident. She is cute, strong, sexy, and always has a smile on her face. She is the best at cheering others up
Shraavani is a sex goddess
by I read faces August 16, 2018
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Where the fuck do I begin? Ppl w this name are usually born in the month of August. And if that’s true then the rest will be true as fuck. Shraavani is a beautiful girl, caring loyal, confident funny, nice hella fucking smart overall amazing. This bitch continues to get beautiful and beautiful by the day it’s fristrating. She is very loyal meaning she will like one guy only! And this guy for a long time, during her lifetime she will have liked about three guys very strongly. The guy that’s meant for her is only told by fate, lessay she met someone a while back and beena few years since she seen em again, and then some time passes and she meets the dude again, u know that’s fate, he’s the one for her. If this girls a Leo since she born in August the best for her is an Aries. No doubt. Now the man might nawt see it at first and he might even develop a resentment but dude if your reading this then forgive her and get to know her more. Broskis perdon this def is long but wha can I sa? Sm to say bout her. Also one of the prettiest indians 💦 💦
Yooo u ever met a Shraavani?

Awww shit man ur missing out
by Wett pappiii June 04, 2018
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