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A physical representation of the friend zone. If the person, male or female, does this to you, you no longer have any chance, a final nail in the coffin.
-"hey man did you ever get a date with Katie? "
-"Nah bro, she gave me the shoulder pat. "
-"It's happened to the best of us buddy."
by Josh Brolin July 14, 2015
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Almost as comforting as a mother's touch when you have the flu but as awkward as a penguin trying to balance itself on your shoulder just moments before losing its balance while waddling on land. A Quote from a leadership book found inside the commander’s office, “Daily physical contacts with your subordinate builds a culture of trust within your formation. This includes high five, awkward side hugs, or a comforting shoulder pat.”
Larry: “How many shoulder pats gave y’all gotten?”
Kyle and Jeffrey: “Way too many to count.”
Sarah: “I haven’t gotten any.”
by Shoulder pat May 10, 2018
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