A type of shotgun ammunition, much like birdshot or buckshot, developed for the US police for killing pets when visiting random people's houses.
-Holy shit man, the cops just paid me a visit and they shot Steve for no reason!
-Damn I'm so sorry man, did they use dog shot shells?
by Szczur01 July 30, 2021
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A sucker punch to the head from behind. Originates in Australia.
I was in the hotel drinking a stubby of Victoria Bitter and that fucker gave me a dog shot right 'round the back of the head
by jonmlofo July 27, 2021
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When you're doing doggy style and your partner shoots cum.
- I had so much fun yesterday, the bitch I fucked did a dog shot on me after i doggied her
by PvBierny March 15, 2021
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Head explosion or taking a load in the mouth dependent on the context. Either JFK on the Zapruder film or a really good oral cream pie.
Yo Kennedy got his dome-shot didn’t he?

In more ways than one bro
by Joel Holstein February 06, 2021
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A business strategy in which you neg a client by putting your nutsack on a table to increase your companies value or increase the value of your product.
To increase the market value of the product John was selling, he decided to do a double bank shot right in front of the customer.
by Ray quaza December 22, 2019
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