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1. similar to a shotgun wedding, a shotgun prom is where the male/female date is forced to go with the male/female counterpart a.) out of sympathy: the date is somewhat pathetic-SPED, socially awkward etc; b.) is a family friend but is for whatever reason undesirable (consult definition a)

2. quite literally a shotgun prom. Male's parents force male to go with family friend/pathetic sympathy date in exchange for a shotgun for the male.
John: Do I really have to go to that prom? This girl is soo undesirable.

Parent: Look. She's a family friend. If you go we'll buy you that 12 guage you've always wanted.

John: Sh*t! Fine I'll go. This is a total Shotgun Prom
by monkey poo catapult January 18, 2011
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