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When she's too old to be jail bait (18 or older), but too young for her dad to be okay with you dating her because of the age difference (e.g. she's 19 and you're 27, or she's 23 and you're 31, etc.). Therefore, her father is likely to go for the shotgun when he meets you.

When a girl is older than 18, but you're so much older than she is that you're probably taking advantage of her inexperience / naiveté.

When dating a girl makes you uncomfortable, even though she's legal, because she's so much younger than you are.
Friend: "Dude, she's SO into you, and she's totally legal."
You: "Man, that's not what her daddy would say. She's shotgun bait."

Friend: "She's only with you because she's too young to know better."
You: "Well, it's not like she's jail bait."
Friend: "Yeah, but she's shotgun bait. In a couple of years she'll wonder what she was thinking. Then you're gonna get it."

Friend: "Go for it, man. It's not like she's jailbait or anything."
You: "Yeah, but she was TEN when I graduated from high school -- THE FIFTH GRADE when I went to college! That's messed up, man. As far as I'm concerned, she's shotgun bait."
by Anonymous1980 December 15, 2010
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