A girl who is actually not short but average height.
by Shorty1/9/21 January 20, 2022
Shorty is a nickname give to a kid that has a small dick, is gay, and has a dick up his ass 24/7.
Mckenna: Look at shorty he is gay.

Everybody in the world: Ya I know he is gay as fuck.
Mckenna: Gayyyy
by Mckenna_has_a_big_ass February 21, 2016
1. "no fucking way i just shit on this guy with a shorty."
2. "damn shorty you is so fine"
by Laced muffin October 11, 2022
A name for a person who is actually tall but you wanna make your shirt self feel better
The girl walks up to the guy and says "hey shorty" and then the boy beats the shit out of her
by ur.mother013 December 5, 2022
A small, or short, hand-rolled (marijuana) cigarette.
“Hey, you got a shorty I can bump?”

“There’s nothing better than a fat shorty.”
by WornoutTrends April 3, 2018
A bitch, who in the end will break your heart.
That Shorty is good news
by Hewas it the whole time1 January 2, 2019
Something that Mohd. Junaid Javed was born with. It could have been cured in 100$ but his mother refused. Now he walks around with a small peepee.
Pradeep: Yo that man has an 18 inch penis.

Junaid: 18 of my penises would fit in it.
Sonam: wtf?
Junaid: yeah I have a shorty penile disorder
by Queenmercuryf February 27, 2017