Pocket change. Spare change. Small amount of money. Not expensive.
I can afford that. It's short money. I've got than that in my pocket change.
by Jaded Ace January 16, 2012
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Owing more money than you have. Common among dealers who get fronted dope.
Person A: Thats a lot of dough bro! Person B: Its all short money cuz.
by doubleskeet December 6, 2013
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A synonym for athletic shorts, generally basketball shorts. These shorts are a good all-around article of clothing to wear. They are comfortable, easy to wash, can wear around anywhere, easy to remove, and no zipper to get your junk stuck.

Money Shorts are commonly worn just in case a voluptuous woman wants to take them off in a moment's notice. They have quick access to the private parts.
Shawty wanted to play. Good thing I had my money shorts on.

Man: Damnit, I had my junk stuck in my zipper again.

Man2: Good thing I had my money shorts on.
by FunnehMoney January 7, 2013
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Your current situation leaves with insufficient financial resources.
My baby momma attackin' my pension, my money short.
by LongfellowPlaya September 24, 2009
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