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A short girl (5'8" or under) who will only date tall men (generally 6' or over) as she is insecure about her own lack of height, and wants to compensate.

Note "short girl" means short in terms of male height - the short girl is very insecure, so measures her height against both men and women, not just women.

She is very intent on compensating - but will very rarely admit that that is why she loves tall guys. For her, generally, the taller the better. May be insecure in other areas, for example weight, her own facial features.
"Yeah, any guy I date simply has to be over 6 foot tall"

"Although I'm only 5'6", I just wouldn't feel comfortable dating a guy who is shorter than 6'2""

"She's only dating him to compensate for her height. Short girl syndrome!"

"She's got serious short girl syndrome - he's nearly a foot taller than her!"
by annoyedtallguy July 15, 2009
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