a prison incarcerated for child moslestion.
"don't associate with him cuz his got short eyes"
by x July 27, 2003
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prison jargon for porno material
"I'll trade you my P&J for your short eyes."
by ella enchanted April 18, 2006
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The minute a short-eyes hits the shower in the Federal Hotel, he starts getting a taste of his own medicine.
by Blackwolf Morrow October 01, 2005
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Every parent knows what short-eyes means. It's that weird man (or woman) who doesn't look the parent in the eye, but instead looks down to stare at the children. In prison, it refers to a pedo.
Husband: Did you see that weird dude looking down at our little Suzy ???
Wife: I did. He's definitely a short-eye.
Husband: Should I kick the pedo's ass ?
Wife: Let's just get the hell outta here before he comes back !
by Coma-doof warrior May 25, 2017
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Synonym for pedophile.

Obverse of muther fucker.

One who should be executed with a hot clothes iron slowly over 10 years.

(Note: Should NOT be confused with sho-tay or shorty)
"Being a short-eye is one of the lowest criminal profiles, even the worst convicted prisoners loath pedophiles"
by zor November 25, 2003
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