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Short Dick style is a method of intercourse where the pace is quite fast and usually most effective with a short shlong.
The member is placed inside of the funbags with lightning speed. Rapidly slam your meat into her like a jackrabbit and when your appendage slides out, let it, because this lets her realise that your penis is so fucking small that it slipped out when you weren't even that deep. Short Dick Style is only possible in position where you are in control: Doggie, Missionary, Erotic V, Head game, The butter churner, and more. Playing upbeat music and syncing your violent thrusts to the bass can improve effectiveness. Be careful for side affects, as she may never have sex with you again and possibly dump you.
Bob: "Yo, I was watching this porno last night, and the guy was hitting at her from behind short dick style!"
Ken: "Really dude? You gotta show me sometime, that's fucking hilarious!"
by Gneurshk July 05, 2017
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