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Girls who go to the nj shore and forgot about everything and everyone bac at home and get with as many guys as possible.. its almost like a sport except if u loose you could get an std or something .. shore whores are normally girls who are like 13 and look like there like 18 so they lie about there age .. so watch out for illegal shore whores aside from that there the best people to hook up with and always ready to party and have the most fun!!!
wow sean look at those shore whores there pretty damn hawt!
holy shit sean one of those shore whores had mono!!
by melissa marx June 09, 2005
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the term used to describe a female student that attends Shore Regional High School, located in West Long Branch, NJ.
them, shore whores, are some hopper bitches!
by Long Branch January 27, 2009
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A person, usually female, who can't afford their own shore house but will do nearly anything to stay at someone else's expensive vacation home at the Jersey shore except offer cash.

Also a person who wishes they owned a shore house but can't afford it, but expect others to provide such accomodations for them free of charge. This person usually whines like a child on every nice day about how they wish they were at the beach, interspersed with phone calls to relatives asking when they are going to buy a shore house.
"Maude's staying at their house again? Wow she is quite the shore whore!"

"Kara wants to know when we are buying a shore house because its summer, she's a teacher, and wants to relax on the beach all summer. She's willing to shore whore for you if you buy something down there"
by ralphmachio October 09, 2012
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a girl you bang out at your beach house in NJ for a summer while
a.) you have a girlfriend back home ( Northern NJ or NY ) or

b.) she lives in your beach house as well.
The shore whores we live with love to lick our asses and drink our pee
by Chris Luck January 05, 2005
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A.Person who has no problem with having sex with any and everyone around. They often talk a bunch of shit and act friendly. you can spot a shorewhore from miles away. They travel in packs of whores.
I banged that "ShoreWhore." in a parking lot and then got head from her "shorewhore" friend. I should probably get checked out for shoresores now.
by A retired shorewhore June 15, 2011
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A female who seems to think that excessive tanning and wearing a loin cloth in sub zero temperatures will make her more attractive at the bar.
"Did you just see that shore whore nose dive into the snow bank? I can see her clit piercings from here!"
by Tyrsyxen January 30, 2012
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