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Shore Acres is a pleasant suburban retirement community located in Maryland. A haven for antiquing, Shore Acres boasts quiet streets, well-manicured lawns and a quaint imitation-Colonial church that can be toured between 2 and 4 PM on any weekday save Tuesdays. Shore Acres Click is an imaginary gang invented on the internet by a small group of white teenagers who reside in Shore Acres with their grandparents. The only requirement for membership is the inability to spell "clique."
Me and my homies in the Shore Acres Click used to smoke hella pot while we watched Total Request Live, until my Nana found our stash and took it away. Yeah boyee!
by Adam Weishaupt May 17, 2008
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some rowdy ass mutha fuckas coming straight from the lower acres, they wear tie-dye and bump that gangsta shit. watch out they dont play
holy fuckin shit lets get out of here the Shore Acres Click just rolled up
by rosh man April 19, 2006
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