verb. Slang for Photoshopping. To produce a forged image that appears to be a real photograph by using Photoshop or similar image-editing software. Typically used to refer to the creation of a "celebrity fake", where a celebrity's picture is modified to appear naked and/or engaging in sexual/embarrasing behavior.
"Did you see that picture of Paris Hilton eating a banana? Somebody should shop that!"

"Sarah Palin got shopped - they put her head on a rifle-shooting bikini babe."
by PsyPhi May 12, 2010
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When something is fucking sweet. If you meet someone who you really like, they're in-shop. When someone is a douche, they are definitely not in-shop, or rather, "out of shop".

Furthermore, if a girl wants you, you can describe it as..."yeah I gave her a delivery, she wants my gargantuan."
"Met a girl at a party tonight, she was in-shop"

"This guy tried to come into JJ's at 330, he was not in-shop"
by Anthony Lamendola March 20, 2011
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To open up a ghetto style drug store on the corner of the block to satisfy the crack and coke heads and make your pockets fat!
"yo its 5 in the morning time to get showered and hit the block and open up shop"
by LilGuay January 10, 2006
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To resell the products of a legitimately obtained prescription medication
Yeah, he got some 5/500 percs after he got his wisdom teeth out but he never needed them so he's shopping them.
by ThomasTankengin June 11, 2009
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Black and white patrol car. Cops carry all their gear in the cars so they're one stop shops
The shop rolled around the corner and stopped in front of Turnbull's Market. The two unis climbed out, hands on their batons. There was trouble in the air.
by pabrown May 1, 2008
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Covertly: to meet with a lover for a sexual rendezvous. Usually spoken by the wife to the husband.
Honey, I'm going shopping this afternoon...I'll be back by six.
by Mr Big December 9, 2004
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