v. the act of going out and buying a bag of weed
"Dude do you want to hangout after im done shopping?"
by Mr. French and P-Tuck December 23, 2007
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The act of totally powning noobs on a video game.
Jimmy was shopping Johnny in Halo 2
by Morman June 20, 2005
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the act of hesitantly attending and abandoning multiple social gatherings until one is deemed worthy of staying or the list of alternatives has been exhausted.
Yo, is that motherfucker shopping right now? Tell him/her to sit his/her ass down and stop pretending like he/she has somewhere better to be!
by cbrown_uws October 30, 2012
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checking out and hooking up with very fine hot ass mexican guyz.
let's go "shopping"
by Coerliala May 31, 2004
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the act of smoking buds. it makes for a good code word when speaking around your parents.
by Conquistador May 4, 2003
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the shopping you do when you go to the grocery store to buy your monthly supply of grocerys as opposed to just going and getting a few things to eat for a few days.
"we have to go shopping shopping again-our freezer looks pretty empty."
by thebadnun December 23, 2009
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