Someone addicted to be willing to do anything to the extreme to buy what she/he wants. It doesn't necessarily has to be something they NEED.
Things to the Extreme:
Camp outside their favorite store to be the first one in the store.

Steal money to buy things they want
Lie, Fight for their desire item

Kill someone if is necessary

And the crazy list continued..
Because my mom was a shopaholic she got into a divorced, ended up in dept, stole and killed for money and unfortunately she ended up in jail.
by VictimOFShopaholic November 27, 2009
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I my wallet got blitzed on black friday as a result of too much shopahol. I am a shopaholic.
by rihcie November 27, 2009
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1. Alcoholics who shop excessively and obsessively for alcohol.

2. Shop -a-h"olic" A break-off sect of the Catholic church of whose members shop around for churches holding services. They hold up any service by demanding that the transubstantiation ceremony be repeated over and over until a) ceremonial wine runs out, or b) they, the visiting Shopaholics, pass out.
1. I tried to pick up some liquor at store but some agressive shopaholics had bought out the entire store.

2. As a practicing Shopaholic we end our multi-communions with "Cheers!" rather than "Amen", at least those of us who are still standing do.
by Sinned383 November 27, 2009
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one who is excessively fond of browsing through and taking discarded items left for garbage pick up on the curbside to the point it becomes a habit.

A hoarder.
Knew she was a curbside shopaholic when I saw her car was packed with more boxes of unwanted trash items again.
by Panthera Atrox January 26, 2011
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Shopaholic - Soo Much Addicted To Shoppin'.
Fabolous aka Loso, Ever Street Thug, Str8 Outta West 125 Street, Harlem, Soo Shopaholic, Soo Much Into Shoppin' Ish All Str8 Dope, Soo Much Into Str8 Thuggin', Str8 Stuntin'!! #HarlemThang" - Ever Street Thug, Harlem.
by Hzr January 09, 2019
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