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also "shooting his/her hostage", (infinitive, to shoot the/his/her hostage, etc.)

Applicable to a situation in which one person discovers that another masturbates, by virtue of no one specific means, necessarily (ie, conversationally, by questioning directly, or even witnessing/walking in on the act) and that that person does so while entertaining thoughts of some specific individual, especially a mutual friend or even the questioner him or herself, and, after confronting them, requests that they desist, or think about someone else. This can and, if a continual occurance, or if remonstrations against by any who protest it go unheeded, precipitate incident outbreaks of repudiation and/or histrionics, but is as likely to end in diplomatic negotiations.

Also applicable to everyday, non-sexual scenarios
in which anyone's untold schemes or strategies cause
surprise, alarm, humiliation or other disappointment
to their originator due to unforeseen failure or intercession.
"Anyone keen to what almost palpable and saturnine
mortification effused concentrically from that spot,
now a seething carnelion, her glabella (the spectacles
normally astride it truant and discursively bestrewn,
girded atop the wrack & other little objets trouvées an
infestive, sallow pine table servilely elevated to view
above three cabrioles upthrust through a leaf-litter of bills)
would have put no scruple against correctly surmising
that, earlier, during the workaday, someone else must
have about sundered her wits, some cataclasmic upbraiding
felled a clandestine alibi, someone shot her hostage, so the
expression goes..."

"Jill's gone about acting quite peevish lately; makes one curious, someone shoot her hostage?"

"Annabelle scurried into the bedroom one day after returning unexpectedly home to grab something, only to discover that her boyfriend had stayed huddled under the bedsheets all morning, clutching at himself and contemplating the lustful antics he would surprise and leap upon her with subsequent to a toned down houseparty they'd organized to host during the week. Suppressing her instincts slightly, because she couldn't quite spare right then and there the four hours it would take for the two of them to totally have it out, she explained gently to him how she felt slightly unnerved, if flattered a bit nonetheless, that he would carry on in that way. The talking went well, and he didn't succumb to the horrible sensation he might otherwise have suffered, if a total stranger were to discover such secretive goings on, of someone else shooting the hostage."

"The Dude left the room all looking like someone shot his hostage or something"

"Sheeeeeit! Who shot her hostage?"
by diatribeapartheid March 14, 2008
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