An internet meme involving a crazy "derp" face shouting "Ima firing ma lazor" followed by a huge blue laser coming out of its mouth with a sound of BLAAARRRGGGHHH.
A Shoop da whoop if a face saying "Ima firin ma lazor BBLLAARRGGHH"
by pepsi345 June 24, 2010
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Shoop Da Whoop is the realease of a high velocity particle beam from one's mouth. It is commonly called a "Lazor", but is not one, as a laser does not send things flying, as a Shoop Da Whoop does. The name, "Shoop Da Whoop" comes from the sound of the particle beam firing, Shoop, being a sudden intake of air, Da, being the actual firing, Whoop being another intake of air.

To fire the Shoop Da Whoop, it is necessary to open one's mouth to large size, so as to keep it from being incinerated or blown off one's face.
Man: I am randomly going to fire my lazor. (Shoop Da Whoop)

by humanANDROID June 09, 2009
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When you fire you lazor lik........
Shoop Da Whoop...... -BLLLLLAAAAAARGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by MXT7 August 26, 2009
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-a term commonly used by texan geeks
- the sound one makes while falling
- used as a substitute for "pwnage" and the like

person 1: George Washington was born in 1730
person 2: actually, he was born in 1732....ohhhhh SHOOP DA WHOOP
by fransutt February 09, 2008
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