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When you buy something you really like and put it in a place and forget about it. Then one day when you are in great need/want of that thing, you find them by surprise. Hoorah
"My dad once needed some New Balance running shoes. His shoes were all worn down and he wanted to replace them with the same model shoes, but there was no store to get them from. He reached down to get his old sneakers and saw a glimpse of a New Balance box at the end of the closet. Dude it was a total shoebox in the closet miracle!" (This is where it actually came from.)

"Dude I'm f***ing hungry. I want some Tostitos."
"Wow dude you got a brand new bag of "Hint of Lime" Tostitos behind the couch!"
"Siiiiiiiiiiickkkkk..... Dude... Total shoebox in the closet."
by Phil Fairhurst April 12, 2007
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