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A term commonly used in the military, often used to describe someone with an asinine job or someone who enforces retarded regulations.

Normally directed at finance or services and other useless douchebags that fuck everyting up
Pilot 1: That fucking shoe clerk checked my socks before he let me into the DFAC
Pilot 2: yeah he asked me for my ID card, i'm in fucking uniform!

That fucking shoe clerk screwed me over on my travel voucher!
by AF dude March 19, 2008
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Military insult used primarily in the Air Force to describe services, personnel, finance and other support staff. This term is primarily used by aviators. It is more limited than the Army equivalent "pogue", in that not all non-combat, non-flying airmen are labeled as shoe clerks.
"We can't carry loaded weapons anymore because some f***ing shoe clerk is afraid we'll accidentally shoot ourselves."

"That retard shoe clerk got on my case about not having my PT shirt tucked in."
by KING-of-Iraq November 27, 2008
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Someone more interested in making sure the letter of the law is followed even if it runs contrary to the spirit/intent of the law
Soldier 1: I'm about to deploy to a combat zone and I couldn't get a new helmet from supply.
Soldier 2: Out of stock, huh?
Solider 1: No, they had five of them in my size but said I couldn't have them. Their new regulations state they are always "required to have five in stock at all times" in case someone needs them.
Soldier 2: What a shoeclerk!
by Gipper McGee December 05, 2010
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