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A compliment to you abilities on the football field or any other sport. In the seventies in rural south Louisiana the brothers would chant (name) got a shoe bop shoe doobie doobie do bop. This would happen after a high school game if we won and I guess you could call it a celebration. The opposite of this would be a Humptie dump dump dump The chat would go( persons name) got a humptie dump dump dump. But it was more pronounce like Homptie Domp Domp Domp. And this would go on the whole ride home from the opponents school.
Mayne, dat QB know what he doin, You know he got a Shoe bop shoe doobie doobie do bop. But now he throwd a intersept, mayne his shoe bop done went to Homptie domp domp domp.
by Back Brusly Termanologist June 07, 2018
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