1. term used to describe if something is really good
2. tottenham (t town) n15 n17 slang and motto

can be shortened to "sho"
1. blud your creaps are lookin sho sho
2. i rep dem t town slums, sho
by T-Town GUY May 31, 2007
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a really ugly person with no friends
check out that sho sho over there with no ass or breasts
by erinknowsebonics March 31, 2007
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a super cool way of agreeing to an idea, observation, statement. similar to "for sho", but, doubling "sho" emphasises the cool factor in what has been previously said.
red: yo, we should go rip shit up in the super cool/awesome place over there.

mitch: fo sho sho

mitch: hoe
by hoeface.mitch November 17, 2010
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To stress to someone that you are sure of something, a definite
"Are we going to eat chinese food Friday night?"

Answer: Fo SHO SHO
by ShanghaiPrincess November 12, 2009
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this is what a typical baby would laugh to and it just sounds so funny
but also it could make them quiet down when they are crying

this is also used in terms of language and no it does not symbol anything of china
don't cry sho sho china
by yes thats what August 18, 2009
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Hugs and Kisses. Another form of saying bye over phone, text or email.

Can also be pronounced as the letters X O X O
by Panchitos June 19, 2012
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A noun similar to bro, slime, ski etc.
“That’s sho / my sho deyaa
by Myshooio August 26, 2021
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