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A cuddly-affectionate "sweet nothings" choice of two very-similar closely-clasping gestures that are playfully offered by one lover to his hunnybunny; about the only difference between the two lovey-dovey actions is that "shnooglez" involves somewhat more "up close 'n' personal" burrowing action with one's head and face during the snuggle-session.
Huge marshmallow-hearted guy: Ya want SHNUGGLEZ or SHNOOGLEZ???
Cutie: Ummmmm --- surprise me!
Huge marshmallow-hearted guy: Okay --- maybe I'll just give ya a bit of both, then... kinda like mixing apple and orange juices together when ya aren't sure which one ya want.
Cutie, gigglingly nestling back into Mr. Softhearted's adoringly-encircling embrace: Okay, if you say so. It kinda just all feels like about da same nice warm gentle nuzzley cuddle-hugz, but ALL of your clasps 'n' caresses are equally heavenly and satisfying, so it doesn't really matter to me what ya call 'em.
by QuacksO July 21, 2018
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