a funny word for which oneself would use instead of saying dick or wang or penis, usually large and sloppy. it usually is just hangin out and looking shloppy
Lookin' like a fool with your shlong on the ground!
by wtfareyoulookinat April 28, 2010
A penis of gargantuan size; in both length and width.
While in the changeroom, Yahye said "Holy shit Nasser, you have a big shlong ".
by rotflol360 November 22, 2008
a really fat,long, slimy, and vainy penis
"man that bankskank licks shlong"
by alex brownie April 9, 2008
put away you shlong cause I don't wanna see your dong
by blind December 11, 2003
It beacuse I have a hugh shlong isnt it.

My shlong is 80 pounds, I know you want this shit!
by chole west March 23, 2003