stuff. kinda like shit, but in a cooler way. your personal stuff.
Check out my shizzle
by olivia January 09, 2004
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This word originated in the 1990s in the middle eastern, most likely iran. Early in the 2000s it was brought over to the United States of America through the ESOL program in public schools allowing the exchange of students from all over the world to come and share there culture with americans. The word in its true form is known as shizlic, but was americanized into shizzles to make it sound more of a noun than an adjective. Shizzles is a way of expressing extreme happiness, terror, sadness, boredom, hungriness, and last but not least sexual pleasure. Some forms you may have heard around your school are things like shizzled, shizzling, deshizzle, and on rare ocassions shizzlcide. The study of shizzles is known as Shizzology. One of the top leading professors of shizzology is Soheil Bagheri who at the University in Iran to help solve a cure of the disease Shizzleopholis and people who have shizzlephobia. The belief of Shizzles is known as Shizzlism which derives from the ancient iranians who built shizloids and worship the all powerful JAN. JAN, unlike many other gods in other religions, is not a virgin. In fact you could say she has sex with everyday. But not just everyone can have sex with JAN. In order to meet the standards of the high and mighty JAN, you must have one charachistic and that is to be black. Yes, JAN is BDO (Black Dick Only) so sorry you on the prowl young spider monkeys looking to mate. In order to be a member of Shizzlism there are a few things to make sure of before you get yourself Shizlized. You must get down on your knees and bow to any passing by black person. You must hate indians with a passion. And third of all you cannot be a virgin.
"Dude this girl just came and jumped on me shes hot. She put vagina in my dick not lying haha felt good as shizzles"

"Cool Andrew"
by monkeyboy626 August 05, 2009
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the niggerized version of the words "sure" or "shit".
"fo shizzle mah nigga!"
"dat ride be da shizzle!"
by jaybo_dci April 29, 2008
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Greek. An ugly pig-sheep mix, used to light the the flame at the olmpics, it WAS the torch.
Toga man: Whe'e eth t'e shizzle?
by Yoshi the PUG September 17, 2004
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Comes from the latin stem of Shizzilia (1312 A.D.) which means Soielngielakisjlkjelkgiigiigiigiiig which comes from the French term for "fried foods." Thus the definition of shizzle is Fried food.
Dammit N*gger get me some o dat shizzle.
Lets go to the chinese food restaurant down the street and get some shizzle
by Dee Chou May 17, 2004
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A cute way to say the word "shit", popularized by the rapper Snoop dog.
Yo, ma nigga, dem crackers sho be speaking some bull shizzle about us.. Why dey thank we ain't edumacated?
by freshbrood March 11, 2005
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