english: slang expression for arse posterior bottom bum
american: ass fanny
as in "my God, look at the size of her shitter"
by rickmads July 08, 2009
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well the fuckin' thing was heading fright for my face so i hit that shitter out of the sky with a tennis racket
by kid October 12, 2003
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oh hey mom could you get me some skim milk to go with my frosted shitters? I'M JESSICA FRITZ BITCH
by jessica fritz December 14, 2005
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A word one utters right before you blow some twat (or twats) into the next world. Best used when disposing of political enemies or exacting vengeance on some fucktard who has denigrates your line of work.

From the unnecessarily violent comic strip "Peanut".
Spodsie: "You cunts better start looking for a proper job! HAHAHAHA!"

Dave: "Shitter!" (Bang!-Bang!-Bang!)
by J March 09, 2005
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An alternative nickname for Thrasher (a company that makes performance parts for GM w-body cars) , such as poorly made cold air intakes and the like.
While taking a look at my cold air intake in my 2000 Monte Carlo SS, Mike exclaimed, "Thrasher?! More like...Shitter!!!"
by Nick aka NASCAR Nick November 16, 2005
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A shitter is someone that says or does something that you immediately disagree with.
Johnny is a shitter because he said killing puppies is ok
by Mega Chao X October 01, 2011
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