Any kind of malevolent,weak or sheisty human being no matter what race he is.
This little shitter has greed and egotism running deep inside.
by J.Dee. February 11, 2014
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Synonym for asshole, esp. in sexual context.
Let me fuck you up your nice tight shitter.
by The Shittresses July 15, 2011
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noun - a nasty, painful, and often hilarius fall.

Also a single vehicle accident such as hitting a guardrail in a car, flipping a motorcycle, or launching yourself over the handlebars of your pedalbike.
Yeah, my wrist is still fucked up from taking a shitter on that wet grass, but damn was it funny.

You know that first scene in Deuce Bigalow where the old lady has a shitter on the bus stairs? - Pure comic genius!

My ass is covered in road rash from pulling that shitter on my ten speed.
by bluegrrl June 14, 2007
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A way of describing in slang a situation or an event.
Thats a real shitter
Wouldnt it be a shitter if a meteor hit the earth tommorrow
by Drew L March 21, 2006
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