Define: Canadian Prison term for inmates used by guards.
Shitbag if you dont exit the cell right now i will call in the extraction team.

EX 2.
Look straight ahead shitbag
by Brent Hein May 11, 2005
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a person who is just filled with shit
jon: yo i can kik ur ass
Alex: yeah wat ever
an hour later (jon on floor bleeding and crying)
jon: told u i can kik ur ass
Alex: STFU u shitbag
by *T*TheGhost*G* March 05, 2007
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a VERY commonly used military term that refers to an individual that is incapable of preforming the simpliest of tasks or instructions. Closely related to a buddy fucker, this individual is worthless, a drain on the squad/platoon, and is usually the guy that gets pushed onto the grenade.
Private Justin Dunham is a worthless foot powder mailing, locker tipping, model tank breaking shitbag, and the fact he is getting married and going to reproduce frightens me.
by kassfactor March 23, 2009
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A shit talker, douche bag, rat fuck soldier in the Army National Guard. Who thinks he is the most high speed troop in the whole theater of operation. Just because he plays call of duty 4 and reads every military storybook amazon has available. Some one who fakes in order to get a purple heart, CAB ( combat action badge ), Bronze star or army comendation medal.
Did gunner realy earn that CAB? No bro he cut holes in his canopy cover, he was never shot at what a shit bag!

Hey did Dever realy earn that purple heart? No Bro he just snivled about a scratch he got gettin out of the truck, what a shit bag!
by The Prospect May 03, 2008
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The word shitbag has very many meanings to it, however the most important will be listed

1. someone who is so worthless that they are about as useful as a bag full of shit

2. an insult given to someone who is a collective piece of shit. term gathered from CKY videos

3. another term for a sewerage tank, as they hold an abundance of shit

4. a bowel, part of the human body
1. Roger: you know what dave?
Dave: what?
Roger: you are a worthless shitbag

2. Bill is a son of bitch shit bag that deserves a tyre iron upside the head

3. Robbo: did u see what happened to that minga bastard?
Jimbo: no, what?
Robbo: some cracker put him in the shit bag out the back

4. I think my shitbag is leaking
by Hugh_11 November 13, 2005
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