one who is a shitty driver. see also "jack ass" and "what the fuck?"
That shit-fucker Mustang needs to get out of the slow lane.
by Jenny June 16, 2003
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someone who is an ignorant idiot. a really fucking stupid idiot. someone who is rascist and does not know how to do jack shit, or act normal, or be nice. A real punkass who does not know what they are doing, and are bullshitting their actions. Commonly used in a joking, nonserious manner; othertimes used as a way to combine shit and fuck when describing a situation or person.
What are you doing, shitfucker? Give me my keys back!

Those shitfuckers are always making fun of me...
by redbomber0 November 30, 2005
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one kid in our school that goes to party's and takes peoples 2.6's,

they also stick penis's in other guys poop
hence the shitfucker part of this
by bob vila January 24, 2005
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term used in vulgar pain
person a "dude?!?!? You ok?!?!?!?!?!?
person b "SHIT FUCKER!!! So much pain!"
person a "FUCK YOU!"
by Nooby bot February 17, 2008
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