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1) whiskers, such as a moustache or a beard, that are made out of shit particles

2) whiskers or hairs that grow out of a piece of human or animal shit
Henry: Hey Benny, when you get a second, look to your right and check out that guy's disgusting beard.

Benny: Damn Henry, it looks like that guy has been washing his face with his mother's asshole. The dude has a serious collection of shit whiskers huh.

"I forgot to pick up my dog's shit while i was walking him yesterday and when i walked by it today, the turd had some serious shit whiskers growing out of it"
by Jesus Prairie Dogg December 31, 2009
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The hairs in your butt crack that always track a little bit of poop when ever take a dump.
I had to thoroughly clean my razor after I shaved my shit whiskers.
by Diddle Jack October 05, 2016
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