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when railing a girl, that does not whipe her ass good, your balls slap against her pooper causing them to get shit on them. thus resulting in shit stained balls
i was pounding the shit outa sussy smelly crotch so hard last night that my balls were slapping against her butthole. man talk about a bad case of the shit stained balls.
by Perfek360 July 21, 2006
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An act of anal sex where the female (or male) has not used an enema before intercourse and purposely tries to defecate at the same moment of penetration, thus resulting in fecal lubrication of the rectal cavity. Continued sexual intercourse causes the excrement to eventually engulf the entire penis and testicals of the man. A position usually done in "scat" movies.
Jim paid Jane $400 extra to give him "shitstained balls."
by Slagwurm July 22, 2006
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While sitting in a hard surface such as a wooden chair, tempt fate by cutting a fart and accidentally shit. As a result from the hard surface the shit is forced to the back and front drenching your ball bag in wet play-doh.
Man 1.Dude, last night I went to blow ass and accidentally sharted all over my balls.
Man 2. Damn dude, you had Shit Stained Balls..
by JxHAWK July 28, 2014
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disorder that occurs when, as you wipe your ass after pooping, you wipe back to front, spreading said poop to your balls. If done repeatedly, your balls will retain a shit-esque tint.
No, no, no! Front to back, not back to front! Are you trying to give me shit-stained-balls?
by Andrew H Smith May 29, 2006
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When a bitch ass mother fucker fucks his stupid bitch so fucking hard in the pussy from behind so that his hairy fucking atrocity of a ball sack slams violently into her filthy, hairy asshole resulting in large amounts of her shit spraying in all directions, covering the fucking bitch shit cock ass mother fucking cocksucker's nut sack in a thick layer of shit, most likely due to the fact that the stupid slut probably forgot to wipe her fucking bitch ass cunt whore pussy licking fucktard asshole last time she took an almighty shit.
"Last night i ambushed my girlfriend in the bathroom while she was taking a hearty shit and proceeded to fuck her from behind, and i ended up with shit-stained balls.
by Big-Titted Dreamboat July 17, 2011
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When one is so intoxicated that they lose control and void their bowels straight into their pants.
"What's going on there Nelly? Your looking a bit green. Oh my God he shat his pants, he's got shit stained balls!"
by Doggertron May 06, 2010
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when you shit all over the place and forget to wipe or shower, making your balls all shit-stained and smelly.
"when i was drunk i got diarrhea and didn't wipe, so i had shit-stained balls!"
by Phill McCrackin June 30, 2008
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