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an alcoholic "cocktail" usually made at parties.
concocted of all the available alcohol around.
someone is usually dared to drink it, as nobody in their right mind would want to drink it for pleasure.
Jonny: I DARE you to drink the shit mix!

Luke: pffft ok
*drinks shit mix*
*passes out on floor*

Jonny: dude, :/ i think he's dead
by jonnyRIDDLE July 10, 2008
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Mixing different alcoholic drinks together, making one large mystery drink. Usually tastes horrible, and ends up with person who drinks being very sick and having the WORST hangover, especially if gin is involved.
P1: Did you hear Lilah got alcohol poisoning off a shit mix of gin and vodka?
P2: Yeah, I heard there was tequila in it to
P1: Oooh that would taste like ass!
by Ivanna Suck September 03, 2006
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A drink, comprising of a small amount of many different, often strong, alcoholic beverages, often mixed in a plastic water bottle. Alcohol is normally sourced from a parental drinks cabinet, and amount taken small enough so that it would not be noticed by said parents. Often for consumption at parties etc.
Eurgh, that shitmix is really disgusting. Gets you smashed though!
by james27379483 July 10, 2008
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Something made by mixing together the dregs of leftover alcohol and any unattended drinks in the room. Usually followed by a game to see who can drink the most before pulling out (usually to be sick).

Eventually after the first load is finished the second round is comprised of stolen alcohol from the fridge and anything that looks interesting and relatively soluble from the food cupboard (cinnamon, eggs, baking soda, mayo etc) until the resulting mixture smells, looks and tastes like something shat from the bowels of satan himself.

At this stage the only people to drink it are the hardened binge drinkers, the people who have never experienced a shit mix and the hopelessly pissed until the resulting shite is poured down the sink by the house owner.
Shit Mix, Guaranteed to leave the room smelling of ass for the next week
by fasamo September 02, 2010
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