The numbing of one's legs after a lengthy session on the toilet (the toilet seat rim is typical applying pressure to a certain area of the upper leg that can decrease the flow of blood to the legs, causing numbness). The person will typically lose their balance when standing up to either wipe themselves or pull their pants up.
Dude, I took such a long shit this morning that I got shit legs and fell against the wall.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
Anyone who is lazy as shit and can't move one leg in front of the other for fear of over exertion. Kodak and Heidelberg workers suffer from this the most. If you have checked how lousy they are doing, you can see why.
There goes that Pawlo Bezduch grabbing the newspaper to go take a shit and hide in the john for an hour, while I load four trailers- that fucking SHIT-LEG!!
by Pete Helfrich May 14, 2004
A large, intense shit that causes one's legs to consequently straighten out and remain in a locked position until the log is fully expelled.
by giddyup_gansta June 25, 2011
That satisfying feeling when you are mid shit and your legs get that static feeling of partial numbness makeing your shit extraordinary and satisfying
To have the numb leg shit ,
Take a seat for your shit cross one leg over the other then sit back lifting your foot from flat to tippy toes and wait while you shit slides out and

the feeling envelopes you
by The inventor of the numb leg s February 10, 2019
To fail horribly, to mess up, to lose, to do a bad job, etc etc etc
"You guys can't shit down your leg at this show. You need to practice and you need to get your songs dialed"

"I shit down my leg every time I try to talk to a girl"

"I went to 360 indy off the quarterpipe and shit down my leg"
by IntentionalChaosBass June 22, 2006
To make an attempt at something and fail.
"You said you were going to do well at your interview but instead you shit down your leg."
by Ken B June 20, 2006