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shit friends are a group of 2 or more guys who enjoy sending each other pictures of their shits. Shit friends usually take great pride in their bowel movements and usually have a competitive spirit. They see taking shits as a sport. This continuous back in forth nature that can last up to years. These types often seek other individuals who enjoy sending and receiving pictures of their shits.
Greg: Why the fuck is someone sending you pictures of their shits?
Scott: Oh, thats just Seth, we're shit friends.

(later in the day...)

Scott: Dude that was a huge shit bro!!!
Seth: Its that protein sahn.
Scott: Did you get that pic of mine?? It looked like a dick 'n balls!!! LOL!
by IloveTheNSA February 16, 2014
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When you have a group of friends and can never get them all together. The one who misses out is labelled a shit friend. Its an honest adnoun representing disappointment without providing pressure to the friendship.
Lincoln missed Andy's wedding he is such a shit friend
by adnounsplus December 20, 2016
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