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something that appears to be, or is heading for trouble
LeRoy: man, you had a fight with Jessica again last night?
Fredrick: yea, our relationship is heading towards shit city
by erry November 19, 2006
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shit city is the name for san antonio, texas. there was a rock and roll band that came from san antonio, texas called 'the shit city dream girls. the term 'shit city' refers to the anti-progressive, backward and, ultra-conservative nature of san antonio.
holy fuck, no way am i moving from a far out progressive city like seattle to, god forsaken 'shit city,'texas!
by william larson January 19, 2008
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A particular place, town, city, gathering, bar ect... The people hanging out in a shit city are what make "it" such a shitty place to be. This "place" lacks tack, manors, honesty, integrity and respect for oneself and others (even one friends). People that "live" in a shit city often make fun of people (strangers, familiar faces, apparent friends, even relatives) outloud to make their own pathetically boring dirt filled lifestyles less visible to others. Often when shit city folks call others harmful names they are intellectually unaware of their own degrading characteristics, often mirroring/mimicking the same character flaws. They succeed in a cunning mind game of who can come up with the "best" derogatory statements while consequently detaching themselves from any moral obligations to society. Eventually shit citiers pull the wool over their own eyes leaving them to be nothing more than an uninformative gossip consumed mouth.

Fortunately these type of people are completely extinct! haha
Shit talking as if your still in high school

Shhhhhhhhhhh "shit city"
by it could be worse June 28, 2009
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