A saying that you say to annoying, sexist males. Upon saying this you may castrate them and turn them more into the dominant race, the female. This can also be used as a name meaning 'you ain't got no Dick you pussy'.
Ex1. Shit bitch. You ain't need be such a sexist pig.

Ex2. Hey! Shit Bitch! Come over here!
by (Pandalover) May 06, 2014
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One whom complains on social media by indirectly targeting an individual in order to start drama.
"Wow, um, FoxxyTheDarkWolf is such a shitbitch. I've seen their vague posts about ChuckTheeCheese for weeks now."
by waiting_on_the_dick October 22, 2016
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An older woman that sits on the toilet for 2-3 hours in a sitting and prevents anyone else from using the bathroom.
"I'm going to piss myself if that Shit Bitch doesn't get off the toilet."
by shitfacenelson September 19, 2018
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A way of telling someone they're a bitch and not in a good way.
I love Ashley she is such as bitch, but I can't stand Marcy. She is a real shit bitch.
by DStanS October 01, 2017
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"ShitBitch" I'm gonna do me .... "ShitBitch" you should of been there
Means exactly what is says Shit - as in you are nothing or you are waste....

- the bomb, a loyal ass person, someone you can count on.
And Bitch- a dumb, stupid, ass female or someone who complains or yells about nothing

-a down ass female, someone who stands their ground
ShitBitch ?......
I was at the club and ShitBitch you already know thereport was problems with them bitches.
by Jteaze651 May 23, 2018
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