Noun: The lowest quality of bitch, one who leaves a taste in your mouth similar to that of a relatively large pile of shit.
"You are a shitbitch."
by Iamtheskyking March 17, 2014
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Word used after an unfortuate event.
Shitbitch, now my shirt is shitbitched!
by hahaha December 05, 2003
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A person who gives you a blow job while you are sitting on the toilet
"If you like sucking dick so much you might as well be his shit bitch"
by Toasterpants September 22, 2015
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Someone that bitches about people when the information is one big lie, aka shit.
Guess what? Sandra has no hair.

Of course, Sandra DOES have hair.

This person is a SHIT BITCH!
by Andrew Crook August 26, 2006
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saying the word shit cause something went wrong then saying bitch in away were your cussing everyone out including yourself but not offending anyone in the process
by rawrmeowpurrlove:D December 11, 2010
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