a common word that can used in a wide variety of ways. 1. a casual greeting such as "hi" or "whats up" 2. an expression to show displeasure with an unfortunate event. 3. an endearing term to call your friends. 4. a phrase that late night sushi shop employees yell across the restaurant. 5. nickname for the creator of the word, mitch pathe, of bakersfield CA and portland OR fame, who is a good man a better friend and... who LOVES THE COCK.
1. Andy, "Hi." Mitch, "Shitbitch." Andy "Shitbitch." 2. "The beer is all gone." "Shitbitch." 3. Hey shitbitch, go get me another beer. 4. Pauly yells, "Shitbitch," acroos the restaurant floor. Mitch replies in kind, "Shitbitch." 5. When shitbitch returned from California, he sure had a lot of balljuice on his chin.
by monkeyballs March 22, 2005
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A woman who participates in scat.
I hear that there's a big market for shitbitches in Japan.
by m9lc March 08, 2008
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a phrase used by someone to insult someone else

Taken from Burnt Face Man cartoons by david firth

also a good combination with buggernuts :)
You sir are a shit bitch!!

shut up! shit bitch

you shit bitch buggernuts!
by James Halsall July 04, 2006
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A young cumguzzling metrosexual, often employed at places like Starbucks or the local art museum.
That's a nice new scarf you have there, ShitBitch!
by Matthew January 30, 2004
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One whom complains on social media whilst targeting an individual indirectly, in order to start drama with the aforementioned individual.
"Wow, um, FoxxyTheDarkWolf is such a shitbitch, they've been making vague posts about ChuckTheeCheese for the past week."
by waiting_on_the_dick October 22, 2016
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reference to say something is shocking or fucked up, also said during a moment of tea being spilled.
shit bitch that girl tried to throw hands!
by sexykitten101 July 08, 2018
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