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The shish kebab is a dish of small cubes of meat pierced and held in place on a skewer. Using this term as a reference to the act of love adds an exotic twist (brings up images of the middle east were shishkebabs were invented) to the already blunt metaphore of the skewer penetrating the meat.
"Have you shish kebabed her yet"
by will_will_will October 30, 2007
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A sexual position in which a girl is penetrated in the butt as well as the mouth, by two other guys at the same time.
When Jill was at the party, she took two guys to a private room where they shishkebabed her.
by Sir Swag April 23, 2011
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A word that replaces 'shit' or any other bad cursing.
*cars runs over man that's crossing the street*
You: "Holy shishkebab."
by Japisee August 09, 2005
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'Shish kebab' is the most basic of the kebabs, used as a all-round censor for almost any curse word and is just an expression used in mild exasperation.
Shish KEbab! I lost my fucking virginity to some pedo gayass dickbag.
by KEBABboi June 30, 2018
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A sex move used predominantly on football tours, where 2 male members of the tour feed the female a Kebab from the front, and from behind.
"Me and Jim-Bob took a lass home and fed her a Shish Kebab last night"
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by TruckerSaurus October 11, 2016
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Another way of telling someone to shut up or shush.
David: "So, did you score? Did she kiss you? Did you get her number? What did she smell like? Are you gonna go out with her again? Do you think this is true love?"

Jonathan: "David.. SHISH KEBAB!!!"
by consuelaman October 09, 2011
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When you light your dick on fire and pretend to use it like a sword
Someone when Shishkebab on me when I called them dickless
by Pringles container July 10, 2016
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