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Companies use shirts to create walking advertisements out of people! Your only options to avoid this are to wear blank shirts (not recommended) or none at all.
by ihavenoshirton101 June 16, 2004
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"shit" without the "r"

commonly typoed as "shit" when writing about an essay on shirts. Rresults in a bad grade.
by Dim September 24, 2003
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A steriotype of men who, usually residing in the United Kingdom, frequent night clubs with low reputations. They're name decends from the strict dress code and appearance which includes a white shirt. They all look exactly the same and group in tens or hundreds.
We were on our way back from Spiders rock club and were attacked by a group of shirts, officer.
by NeX March 02, 2004
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Codename for heroin, usually used in code when trading and sell/buying.
Guy A "You got the shirts?"
Guy B "Ya, You got the money?"
by jlsvnhuscndskgcvrs September 10, 2006
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A garment or article of clothing used to cover the upper body, which a hole cut to incorporate the arms and neck.
Shit, you got a shirt from Those assholes have funny shit!
by Pimpsta April 14, 2004
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Those long sleeved, most likely striped of some color with white, with at least one button open to expose what little chest hair a college man has, goes out to the club with the rest of his shirt buddies to pick up women. Or as we refer to them, Skanks. Shirts and skanks, a perfect match. Self explanatory, if you go out to the clubs now a days, you will know exactly what im talking about. Its packed with shirts. ANd they're mostly likely douche bags, but after all, they're only really here to get into one low self esteem woman's pants
"look at those shirts playing bags in lincoln park. Fucking douchebags."
by .Luna Maide February 25, 2009
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