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essentially someone who looks beefy in a tshirt, fills the sleeves, but is non-the-less a fat guy in reality. Hundreds of shirt fillers go to your local gyms.
girl: "that guy is jacked!"

Boy:"no actually, come beach time you would realize he is just a shirt filler"
by junbeh May 13, 2012
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A really shit doorman/bouncer who is a pussy and can’t do his job properly. He/she is absolutely useless as fuck and they are better off being glass collectors. Shirt fillers are normally sent as a replacement when the staff who normally work are off for the day or left the job. If you are a doorman and you have a shirt filler try get them to do the job properly or else you’ll just have a useless wanker who will get paid for standing around like a nob.
Dave: What was my replacement like last week did he look after you all?

Mickey: Nah mate he was a shit, few fights he just stood there and watched it all he was a pile of shit. Fucking shirt filler bastard.
by Na212 June 05, 2018
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