a game which involves players sitting down on the floor, legs straight, and exposing their shins and (in professional shindig) their feet. players sit close together in a row (less than 10) or form a circle facing inwards (more than 10). a stone or other object is thrown up at an unlimited height which is to be aimed at other players target zones (below lower thigh). a free drop is awarded when a player flinches before a hit, when a stone is thrown without an arc in it's projection or when a stone is thrown beyond the target zone. a free drop is when a player stands above the offending players shin raises the stone or object to head height and is allowed to drop the stone at any part of the target zone. you can only leave the game immediately after you have been hit, and do not get to throw again. the winner is the last one sitting.
"alright ted, fancy a game of shindig?"
"f**k off steve, i like my shins as they are!"
by Benjamin Tomkinson September 19, 2003
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Derek's word for gettin' down at one of our places with friends to hang out and be teenagers
Brian, we're gonna go shindig at Gus's, wanna come?
by Jax_Ender January 23, 2004
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A skater slang...

I my self came across the word after watching RHCP and took it on as a way to describe the pain i got from taking a painful hit into the shin during skateboarding.

Soon after it got bigger, but i ain't saying that i came up withit seaming i started saying it back when that video came out...

Shin dig - A loudly shouted word when in pain while out skateboarding/BMX'n
360 flip *BANG* ARGH SHINDIG!!! *Nice dent*
by Not-Telling-A-Soul June 9, 2005
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a word used to describe a pain felt by a failer at something.
"AHHHHHH, shindig!" <after getting uberly pwned in a game of Counter Strike>
by Bubba March 22, 2005
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A phrase to be used anytime anywhere, similar to gnarly, awesome, killer, steller, and etc. Also to check it out.
1.Davis- Wow i just smacked a bitch.
Jake- Shindig it!

2.Bob-I'm tossing a kegger, so yous better shindig it
by mad astrisk April 6, 2008
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A small gathering where alcohol is involved... something you wouldn't quite call a "party" but something a little bit more than hangin out with your sister and your dog and a bottle of rum. Maximum number of people for a shindig: no more than 12, otherwise it's a small party.
"I'm havin a shindig tonight"


"Dave's having a few people in Friday night... sortof a shindig - not really a big party or anything"
by Dave H., April 13, 2006
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