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The distinctive sound made by a nee action or floating swivel blade vegetable peeler when peeling carrots. This type of manual peeler has a double-sided interior-edged hemi-curved blade, mounted on a limited-radius swivel-action shaft. The shaft end is mounted in a handle made of metal or plastic, which also provides the stops that limit the swiveling radius of the blade. This peeler mechanism is particularly effective for long-shaped vegetables and fruits such as carrots and cucumbers. The shika shika sound is unmistakable, and can be discerned from anywhere within earshot, so folks nearby will always know when you are peeling even if they can't see you.
Pop: Can I help you in the kitchen, my lovely?
(Mom thinking: Oh hell, what did he do now?)
Mom: Get out the shika shika from the drawer,
and peel some carrots for the stew and salad.
Pop: Sounds like fun, I am delighted to assist!
(Pop thinking: Damn, I just had to open my big
fat mouth, and so now I get to do this silly shit.)
by flashlightfloyd January 06, 2018
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nickname for any insect with at least 10 legs that goes skittering across your floor or walls. Bonus points if it makes someone cringe or go "Eek!"
Quick! Kill that shika-shika before it hides under the cupboard.
by =TheDon= June 02, 2010
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