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Oi. mate, now thats a fine lookin shiela
by christopher January 20, 2004
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Often misspelled as Sheila. A name for a girl who is very pretty and have a good sense of humor. Smart and wise in life. Not very nice at times but is approachable and very friendly. Beautiful and wonderful. Your life would be perfect if you have her as your wife.
by uduser February 03, 2012
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Shiela, an awesome female name. Commonly misspelled as Sheila but you can use the names vice-versa

An awesomely pretty, witty and sexy person. Chic and always in style. You will never have any dull moment being around one. A femme fatale. Loving and loveable. Caring and Sweet. Cool and fun. There is definitely no bad definition for this name.
Hi Shiela you're awesome! Have you met Barney?

Dudes, you have to meet Shiela.

Shiela, please take me back.
by Barney Stintson November 25, 2011
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