Shibby is just another word for Marijuana.
That shibby of yours has made me very hungry.
by Shankis June 01, 2005
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yo man, i took a shibby on my neighboors front lawn, then he stepped in my shibby, and got shibby all over his shoes, i was like SHIBBY, the guy was so shibbied off
by kx252 November 20, 2003
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"Shibby" is when u do a shuffel with the lower torso whilst climbing something.
Jacob, pat and eden shibbied up the tree


eden said did u just shibby up that tree jacob
by jacobshibby May 05, 2006
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Meaning that everything is great, the day has been eventful and fun but nothing at all went wrong. Normally said while doing a little dance.
Guy: How was your day
Guy2: It was SHIBBY!!!
by Notinanywayme January 21, 2009
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An adjective, or on occasion an adverb; usually replacing cool, or awesome.
Also has the same propertys of cool and awesome. (see ex.1)

Shibby can also be used as an agreement (similarly to cool and awesome, see ex.2)

Example 1-
"That movie was so shibby"
"That movie was so cool"

Example 2-
"Dude check out her hoohoos!
by Rock*Star June 22, 2006
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