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An insecure Catholic with the xenophobic hatred of anything non-catholic. Similar to shi'ite muslims, unfortunately catholics would rather not blow themselves up so we're forced listening to them preach about the decline of american culture for an eternity.

Shi'te catholics believe anything not related to jesus, the virgin mary or any other of gods tools should be criminal and punishable by death.

Shi'ite catholics are very stuck up, and their political views are very extreme (left or right). Shi'ite catholics love to tell you the end is near, it gives them a sense of satisfaction similar to actually enjoying their lives.

Shi'ite catholics have a very passionate hatred for the devil (diablo en espanol) so just so much as mentioning his name will send them into a fear-enduced fit of hail mary's.

also Shi'ite catholics are the only catholics that NEVER forget to eat fish on fridays.
My moms insane, she's like a shi'ite catholic
by Cheney Style June 15, 2007
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