If you ever meet a person named sheila well that’s means there very dumb but they always care for you no matter what even tho there left behind sometimes
Omg my friend name is sheila and she very dumb
by Shay :)) October 24, 2019
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Sheila is not a kind person, she makes fun of how people look. She makes you get in trouble if you are her sibiling she is so annoying and boring. She has no taste in music. She likes weird boys. She hates party's and more. Oh and she hates baby's.
Person 1 - Want to go to a party?

Sheila - OH HELL NO that music is SO FREAKING LOUD
by Titosheilalove December 03, 2018
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Dirtbag the true honey badger the girl who just does not give a fuck she’s got a meanstreak but will always have your back! Cold but loyal gotta love the beauty of toxicity
That Sheila is really something
by Sheila😆 January 31, 2019
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The name of an emplaced mini-gun turret used by Rampart. When you hear it spin up, you better start moving to cover.
Rampart: “There’s an extreme lack of Sheila in this place.”
by The Flame Star Knight September 19, 2020
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Sheila is a very independent person and makes everyone neutral . She have the things that you always need and will help you as long as she can , but never try to take advantage of her , or else you'll see the monster that she's been hiding . She is indeed a very kind and tough person . She also knows a lot of tea so it's always fun to have a tea party with her .
Sheila , do you still have an extra pen ?

Sheila : yep , here you go .
Thank you , Sheila !
by ChickenCarrie June 07, 2021
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