In America, "sheila" is slang for someone, usually a close friend, who is acting like a jerk or acting stupid.
by ultimatejunior May 22, 2010
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In Portugal a Sheila is a species of whore/harlot who attracts fuckboys and leaves a trail of olive oil in her wake.
You are able to identify them by their horrible wardrobe choices, the distanced sound of Kizomba music and also the constant need to take selfies with a smartphone and/or camera (preferably with the flash turned on during daylight for extra "sweg" points.
"Julia is a fine prime specimen of what we call a Sheila" - Said by a tourist guide
"Be careful bro!! Don't slip on those sheila's olive oil!!"
"Look at those sheilas ruining classic quotes with their Instagram Whoredom!"
by 50 25 25 May 23, 2016
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woman in Australia are known as 'Sheilas' which comes from the Greek word sheilopolis meaning one who throws crockery at partner if said partner arrives home from pub late because of dickhead mates.
aw yea cunt my sheila wants be back at nine so prepare my funeral
by Squwilliam September 17, 2018
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Sheila, oooohh man they innocent af but damn they Thicccccccc 🀭 they real popular but they a pussy they gorgeous too the act tough but tend to never very nice
Boy-Damnnnn SheillaaaπŸ‘ Sheila-STOOOPPPPP
by @ForFun August 22, 2019
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Sheila is australian slang for a Trans Sexual.. For example..
in the movie "crockadile dundee", mick goes into a bar and starts talking up a broad, then the taxi dude tells him its a guy so mick cops a feel on the guys crotch and feels a schlong, so he says

"that broad was a sheila"

if we cant trust hollywood for porper definitions.. WHO CAN WE TRUST?
by Scott Wilt September 03, 2005
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