When you are playing Mechwarrior or Battletech or some other such game involving giant robot walking tanks, and your robot gets a lot of its armour shot off, so that it is very vulnerable to enemy fire, it becomes a shed.
I must retreat as my robot is nothing but a shed.
by Kilkrazy June 30, 2004
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short for "she'd do". a group of sheds can be called homebase, whilst an underage shed is a flatpack
Phwoar, look at that shed. I would do things to that.

That is one hell of a shed.

I need a shed!
by Mr Nipples March 01, 2009
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the area between the head of the penis and the shaft, leading to great sexual pleasure upon contact.
she was all up in my shed and i was like "sweet"
by bruce smiter May 21, 2005
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A slang term for an outdoor Amphitheatre used for live music concerts. Names so because of the roof that covers the pavilion seating. Those under it are in the shed, while the remaining concert attendees see the show from the lawn.
Examples of sheds include Alpine Valley, Deer Creek, or the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

Dave Matthews Band announced another tour this year and they're playing quite a few sheds around the country.
by chupon March 26, 2009
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A place where a dog sleeps or where i sleep at night. Where i lay my head down to go to sleep.
I went to the shed to go to bed because thats all I can afford.
by Salvatore Harry Vitale..... April 21, 2008
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An abbrevation or another means of calling someone a "tool" or "toolshed".
Jim is such a shed for doing that last night.
by Roman23 April 24, 2007
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n. A misallaneous game that exists only as an idea or proposition. The act of shed can never be followed through - only proposed and accepted. May also be classed as a sport. Any attempt to actually create a game and set of rules will result in the spontaneous combustion of the attempter's nearby village or town. v. To Shed
The Savage Cabbage : "Hey Andy, wanna play shed?"
G a.k.a 'Andy' : "Yeah"

Brian the Drunkard : (Drunkenly) "Shed?"
The Apparent Voices in his head : "Yes, Brian, Yes"
by Pasta, Hold the Sauce October 11, 2005
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