Shat is a 6 headed monster that dwells in New Jersey's sewers. He's known locally as "The Angel Winged Demon" Sakrifise but the origins of his name go back to this offensive slang for the past tense of "shit." He's rewards the people who hate him by fucking their girlfriends at annual Gathering Of The Juggalos conventions. Since his face has never been seen, he's able to fuck these girls and not fear rejection. They often find out who he is afterwards and their boyfriends kill themselves from the torment. He also has the ability to mentally dissect a person with one single word. He has a big dick. Your girlfriend has given him many dirty sanchez's which is where his name originated from.
Shat prefers fucking women in the ass with spiked barbed wire bats.
by Mr Blonde July 08, 2004
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When someone needs to makea stinky or has, unfortunately...
OMG he's shat himself... I need to take a shat...
by Basil August 23, 2004
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Past tense of shit; Refer to presant tense shit
He shat on a three legged kangeroo - (Example by: IDK)
by Kodora October 04, 2003
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The past tense for the word shit
guy1: maaaaan, like man, i like shat yesterday, and maaahn it was like huge man!

guy2: .....i guess you had to be there...and uh, im not your "man", buddy

girl: ....EW
by fzwpabloguy April 10, 2009
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its actual meaning is to seat someone at a table in a restaurant.
"i just shat"
what you mean to say: "i just sat"
by wowen June 25, 2007
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Shat is shit refering to ur poop which comes out of ur crack also can come in vareity of colors such as green brown indgo yellow etc
Holy shat u look like a shazzzberry in the greig
by Yander Yon vinklestien January 30, 2008
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past tense of shit usually used in place of shit but acutally the past tense of it .
holy shat did you see that crash ?!

no no .. when it happened i think i shat my pants .
by xxjloftxx June 16, 2008
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